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Toyota Owners 400 Betting Guide: Odds, Top 5 Drivers, Race Winner

NASCAR will Probably Be live Beneath the lights for Its Toyota Owners 400, in the Richmond Raceway in Richmond, Virginia.

This is the race of the season and Kyle Busch has a commanding lead at the peak of the standings. Together with the defending champ of the race, and 3 wins on the season, Busch is the odds on favorite to win according to the majority of NASCAR websites.

Race Profile

The Richmond Raceway was a part of NASCAR since the early 1950s. It is one of the oldest venues to host races and it is a place where many of the legends of NASCAR were born. Lee Petty, Richard Petty’s father, won the race . NASCAR has run races in Richmond every year since 1959.

The track comes with an asphalt surface with a space of .75 miles. It is a basic d-shape oblong with a backstretch, stretch that is front, and 4 turns. The spring Richmond race returned into Saturday nights where it has traditionally been held for decades, after being transferred around on the calendar over the last couple of years.

The Toyota Owners 400 breaks down as follows:

Total Miles: 300
Total Laps: 400
Stage 1: First 100 laps
Stage 2: Secondly 100 laps
Final Period: Remaining 200 laps
The race begins at 7:30 PM ET plus it’ll broadcast on FOX.

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